Well hello there!

My name is brandon, and I'm so glad you found me.

2007 - I took my first photography course. Obviously fell in love with it!

2009 - I began work as a newspaper editor and photojournalist.


2011 - I moved back to Great Bend (grew up in Claflin) to serve as the PR & Marketing Director at Barton Community College

RIGHT NOW - Super excited to take your photos! Scroll on down to see my services and prices.



I'm so much more than the guy with the camera...

I absolutely LOVE being part of these amazing celebrations, and I take my role as your photographer far more seriously than I take myself. ;) I do my best to keep things lighthearted and fun, but I also know how to keep your party and guests on schedule and on task so you can do what you really deserve on your wedding day - relax and celebrate!!

$1,450 gets me there for the day, through the reception.
$1,700 gets me there through the dance. I stay until you leave!
$2,150 includes everything and a second shooter to capture more moments throughout the day.
The retainer is a nominal $300 due upon signing the contract. The remainder is due just two weeks before the wedding. All photos are provided via an online album where you and family members can download and print to your heart's content.








Want to make your senior portraits or family photos seem more like hanging out and less like a staged photo shoot? I'm your guy! I keep it lighthearted and fun. By the time we're done we'll be poking fun at each other!

Two super-simple packages to choose from, with nominal fees for groups larger than five.

$90 - 1 hour
$150 - 2 hours

Family Portraits - No extra charge for up to five people. Only $20 per person after that. Simple, eh?



I'm there! At the right place and right time!

My background an experience in photojournalism makes me well-suited to covering events of all paces, from tea parties and fundraiser dinners to basketball and drag races!

You get full access to all your images via an online digital album... FOREVER!

$175 - first hour.
$90 - each hour after the first hour.



Show off your facility or products in the best light!

I am a competent and experienced product photographer, from jewelry and food to houses and factories. See below for services and pricing. I'm happy to offer quotes for your unique needs!

Real estate photography

$$ List price x .001 (Photos of a $150,000 home would cost $150.)
$225 - flat rate for all homes above $225,000 in value.

facility or product photography

$115 per hour
Office wall decor prices quoted on a case-by-case basis.


"OMG... I am SO EXCITED to meet you and take your photo!" - Me :)

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Thank you for considering me to be your photographer!

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