perspectives are based on perceptions

And perceptions can be controlled, altered and manipulated.

That's the theory here, I want to learn how you like to be perceived, and demonstrate that in the images I take of you, your family, your product, etc...

Whatever I'm shooting, the image has to reflect its contents in a manner that meets your expectations, because your perception is the "true" perspective after which this business is named. :)

While we're digging into philosophy here, I want to be sure and explain that this blog is not going to be a promotional tool. I'm not only going to post photos I've taken or stories about clients. I'm going to put myself into the verbiage as it flows onto the page. A lot is about to change in my life, and I hope to garner wisdom from my experience and share it with you to the best of my abilities.

But, right now, I'm going to share a photo I took at Lake Wilson. I call it "Pink Serenity." While I am a geek, it was not inspired by the movie "Serenity," which provided some much-needed closure to Firefly fans everywhere... Damn you Fox... I digress...

Rather, the name was inspired by the emotion itself. Sitting on that rock, watching the brilliant colors slowly span across the water and clouds with absolute silence less the gentle splash of the water lapping at the shore 10 feet below.

Brandon Steinert

I am a photographer, among other things. I got my start in journalism and fell in love with telling stories. Since 2009, I've been obsessed with building my skill set to tell stories to the best of my abilities on multiple platforms.