Great Bend Grunge

Recently Joe Vinduska and I went portrait location hunting in Great Bend, KS. We both work in the PR Department at Barton Community College, and we both shoot on the side... and we were both bored with the typical scenic parks and wooded area shots, so we decided to hunt for some more urban visuals.

Here are a  couple shots of Joe that stood out. While it was REALLY REALLY COLD that day, and we quit two hours earlier than we wanted, it was still a highly successful trip and we scored more than half a dozen new destinations.

We found graffiti under an overpass out by the bike trail... definitely some other angles to play with out there as well.

We went down every alley we could find in downtown Great Bend and lucked out with a very narrow space between two buildings. There were several interesting spots a little deeper into the dark areas.

Brandon Steinert

I am a photographer, among other things. I got my start in journalism and fell in love with telling stories. Since 2009, I've been obsessed with building my skill set to tell stories to the best of my abilities on multiple platforms.