Cory & Caitlyn

I rarely find myself surprised - mostly because of preparation and planning, but once in a while, life sends me what seems like a message. It feels as though the universe is saying, "You are exactly where you are supposed to be."

Yesterday I had one of those moments.

Aimee Dreiling at Aimee Marie Photography was kind enough to hire me as a second shooter at a wedding yesterday, and it was a blast. Until the day of, I was planning on being just an extra hand - somebody to help with group photos and get a few extra shots. All I knew of the couple were their first names - Cory & Caitlyn.

I didn't realize until I arrived that I knew the bride, Caitlyn Morris. She is the youngest of a family I grew to know well throughout my childhood and into my high school years. My younger sisters frequented the Morris household and I fondly remember abusing their REALLY AWESOME trampoline. I also watched hours upon hours of softball, as my sisters were on the same traveling team.

I digress - the point is that I had the truly amazing blessing of participating in an important event in the lives of a family I care about. And when you really, really care, inspiration for images like the one below come as easy as breathing. I'll post more photos here and on Facebook soon enough!

Caitlyn - if you read this - I was honored to be part of your day.

Aimee - thank you for making it happen. :) 

Caitlyn (Morris) Meitner poses prior to her wedding as her bridesmaids strike a pose, silhouetted against the windows of an old classroom.

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