Cory & Caitlyn

Cory & Caitlyn
rarely find myself surprised - mostly because of preparation and planning, but once in a while, life sends me what seems like a message. It feels as though the universe is saying, "You are exactly where you are supposed to be."

finding my style

As time progresses and I work though photo session after photo session, I take countless mental notes on what I love and what I really don't love.

I've been working as a semi-pro to pro photographer for four years now, but I realized recently that I have a problem - I love it TOO MUCH.

I've dabbled in the myriad styles of portraits, experienced the thrills of capturing the moment in photojournalism, adapted my reflexes to capture weddings, improved my attention to detail with real estate and architectural photography, and of course played around with landscapes.

It's all fun for me, but it's created a problem from the business perspective - I lack focus, no pun intended. This blog has been a pretty accurate reflection of that (see posts from previous site).

So, I'm going to use this as a tool to fix the problem. This blog will be focused on that very issue - what do I like? What do I care about? What do I want to photograph? What do you all think I'm good at?

I'm going to start by keeping the status quo, but I will more closely watch my thoughts and emotions. At first I thought choosing my blog topic would help me figure out exactly what kind of photographer I am, but I think it will be way more fun to blog where the wind takes me and allow that to define my style. Here goes!