see the smile - or get eaten by a dinosaur

On my old site, this blog was primarily filled with images I made for photo contests with explanations on how and why I conceptualized the images.

I think that would be a good way to keep moving forward with the theme from my previous post - finding my style

So - here's the first contest I've entered in 2013!

Midwest Photo Exchange is hosting a month-long contest called Good Things Come In Small Parcels. Essentially they're looking for something very small that we love.

After a long-fought internal struggle about the amazing tiny things in my life (try counting only your small blessings, it's quite humbling), I reached the conclusion that the best item for this topic would be a contact lens, but more broadly representing corrective lenses in general. Why? You ask.

Well, click here for my entry and it's description, or skip to the bottom... if you're not curious about the dinosaur part of the headline...

I really do believe we as a society take glasses and contacts for granted. If you wear either, you understand completely how much of a handicap it would be to have to go through life seeing people as blobs of flesh. If you were blessed with 2020 vision, cross your eyes and you'll get a good idea of what I see without my glasses or contacts.

Seriously, they're important. If you need an example, just remember (RIP) Dennis Nedry. You know what happened when he lost his glasses? HE GOT EATEN BY A DINOSAUR.

Below is my contest entry. Come February 25, I would LOVE to have your vote. :)

Thanks for reading!

Though we all admire lenses, there is one many of us rely upon, and ultimately take for granted - our contacts or glasses. Without this invention, the passion in our lives as photographers could not exist. This image embodies this concept. The contact lens is not in focus, but the smile of the Mona Lisa, arguably one of the most famous and beautiful works of art, is clear as a bell thanks to this one, tiny, powerful invention.