33X20 $350
Though it's the smallest these babies get, it is by no means small. Go ahead, draw it out with your head (we both know you're already doing that). This size will very nicely compliment a small room or office, and will certainly turn some heads. (I know from experience.)

40X30 $450
If you have high ceilings or empty walls, and 33X20 just doesn't quite cut it, this is by far the best value for you. It's only about 30% more dough for 55% more square inches. That's a lot more real-estate for a little more dough!

60X40 $650
If you like my work SO MUCH that you want to make it the centerpiece of your home decor, well, I am honored, and this would definitely be the size for you. Standing almost as tall as a person on the long end, this guy is a monster and will do more than turn heads, it will be a conversation piece.

custom images - add $150 to above prices
That's right, you can hire me to take a very specific image you have conceptualized, or to have me conceptualize an image based on your interests. If you can imagine it, I will do my very best to replicate it, print it on a giant sheet of aluminum and stick it on your wall! It can be an image from your favorite camping spot, a gorgeous photo of your twilit home or even a loved one.

custom sizes - will quote based on needs

To inquire about purchasing my work, please visit my "contact" page, or give me a ring at (620) 617-4163.

So you need something




for that barren wasteland of wall space created by your super cool high ceilings?

Don't worry - I got this. You can choose from any one of the images in the slideshow to the left to display in your home. They are all printed on sheets of aluminum, which makes them absolutely RADIANT! You have to see these pieces in person to truly understand the huge impact they can have on your space.