Twilight shots: why they give me a headache, and why I love them anyway


I'll start with why I love them: they're so darn pretty! I mean, look at it ^  :)

Why I hate them: As you can see in the image above, there's a huge range of light intensity captured in this image, which is actually more than one image merged together.

Basically, I have to make sure I get an image that captures the proper exposre for the windows, then the sky, then the lawn and so on. In addition to different intensities, I have to keep in mind the white-balance differences between the sky (set for sunlight) and the indoor lights (set for tungsten).

Now imagine taking these photos, laying them on top of each other, and cutting out the parts that don't fit until all you have left is the accurate information.

So, why do I hate them? Well, I don't. I just don't like the headaches they can cause as most of the work is done post-shoot. You'll learn in future posts that I prefer to get my shot right while I'm there.

I shot this as a sample photo for Roger Sells, the broker for Coldwell Bankers here in central Kansas. I'm hoping to help some of his agents put out some quality curb shots this spring!