A wedding to remember

Arms secured around her newly wed husband, Anna leans in and locks lips with Kidron for the first time as his wife, as the train-bearers and flower girl giggle over the fairy-tale-like sight.

Tearing up, but all smiles, the new couple is announced to the crowd as they make their way back down the aisle - the same stretch of ground over which they had previously marched individually.

Now, the attention diverts to me as the families and wedding party get that hurried look in the eye - they were excited to celebrate the new beginnings of their loved ones.

I finished up with 10 minutes to spare, and managed to get a little bit of everything.

No photo-story this time. Instead, I created a Facebook album so you can see a small selection of the nearly 300 photos the happy couple will be receiving via mail in a few days.

Check them out on my Facebook page, and be sure to "like" me while you're there!